The versatile blogger award


I was nominated for this award by PoojaG. Thank you very much for the honour:


I love to laugh out loud

I love to watch serieses

I love art as a whole

I’m an introvert but extrovert when I get comfortable

I am a lover

My favourite serieses are Greys’ anatomy, Scandal the fixer,How to getaway with murder ,Castle and Game of thrones

I read for self-development


Inked philosophy

sarahin lala land


Nicholas Cagnier


The Naga


Jack Bennett

Eyes + words



Paul F. Lenzi

robert okaji




lovers' dream

So I keep telling myself

That everything will work out

If I tell her she’ll understand

And not want to go west

With the piece of my heart

With the part of my dreams

She will find the good in me


Everything won’t matter to her

My presence will be enough

Her heart will dance for my soul

My flaws will be a drop in an ocean

With the spyglass on the door

To see what I have inside

How fast my heart pumps

Just at the thought of us


Then, everything won’t matter

Then, I am a true dreamer.






If you can be demolished

For my heart to see the desired

If only I could jump over you

To quench the thirst of my soul

O’ mountains!

I will criticize you

Until you finally change

You will never win

I will not be humiliated by you

O’ things!

You are destroying my walls

They are shaking at your presence

My mind is now my vision

My soul despises your ways.



I refuse to compete for your affection

I’d rather find refuge in my destination

I will be not desperate but single

I will walk the streets with dignity


My heart is working overtime for you

My pride does not recognize you

My eyes will forever see you

My mind will always be aware


I won’t deny the facts

I won’t pretend you don’t exists

My soul is attached to yours

My serenity will be intact



I will love you Goddess of Africa

Until my soul disappear into air

The whiteness of my teeth will be seen by your roots

The coarseness of my hair will be cherished by you


Oh, I yell you the mother of my heart!


The pompous effect you have on me

The jubilant feeling you bring to my being

The resurrected heart- beat that wakes the neighbors

The patience you have when you are in labour


I prefer you the opus of my canvas!


My lingering wishes painted in pink

With the absorbance of peace

That keeps my heart on its toes

That relents me to destroy my toys


I will hold on to you with my claws!


In the process hope you don’t bleed

I would never wish to see your cheeks wet

The tears will not look good on you

That it will tarnish your appearance


Verses can certainly not do you uprightness!



I lie awake at night

Like a hawk it is watching me

Just when I’m about to sleep

It makes the annoying sounds

My mind has overworked trying to figure it out

Not even science can explain it

I’m afraid to talk about it again


Because they did not hear it

They will not understand it

They will think I’m losing it

They will think I need psychiatric evaluation

While the universe is opening up to me

The earth is opening my ears

To hear the mysteries of the night

To dream of the agonizing

To endure the pain it inflicts on my soul

To understand that the night is meant to be serene

To just wait until I fall asleep

Then I can’t hear it no more

Then I wake up as if nothing happened

I put a smile on my face and say

I slept well.



Lost it and everything went black

Raised my hopes up and got rejected

My capabilities tested but the results were futile

Took deep breaths to allow the air to pass through my chest cavity

Chest so tight letting go of all hope

Wasted time and energy never regained

The nauseating watery mucus flowing into my lips


I’m not disgusting, I just lost!


Lost the key that can open many doors

Lost the value of my rationality

The veins on my forehead pumping hard

Making my eyes very red

Just because I had lost

Not just loss but demeaned

Reminded that it will not rain.