My time has passed and there’s no turning back

The tick tick sounds don’t change  to back back sound

Days are passing and  the wristwatch remains the same

The watch is getting worn out but time continues

It does not stop counting ,judging by your mood

It rotates like the earth not minding what is happing around!


The versatile blogger award


I was nominated for this award by PoojaG. Thank you very much for the honour:https://lifesfinewhine.wordpress.com/2017/06/08/the-versatile-blogger-award-2/


I love to laugh out loud

I love to watch serieses

I love art as a whole

I’m an introvert but extrovert when I get comfortable

I am a lover

My favourite serieses are Greys’ anatomy, Scandal the fixer,How to getaway with murder ,Castle and Game of thrones

I read for self-development


Inked philosophy

sarahin lala land


Nicholas Cagnier


The Naga


Jack Bennett

Eyes + words



Paul F. Lenzi

robert okaji





I refuse to compete for your affection

I’d rather find refuge in my destination

I will be not desperate but single

I will walk the streets with dignity


My heart is working overtime for you

My pride does not recognize you

My eyes will forever see you

My mind will always be aware


I won’t deny the facts

I won’t pretend you don’t exists

My soul is attached to yours

My serenity will be intact



Helpless is what I’ve become

My hands tied up in chains

Indignity is all over me

For the sake of loving


Yet my heart keep on longing

To be sanitized by the same love

That has taught me to trust no one

And be cautious of everything


Hoping to be accepted as I am

Imagining the sentiments of William Shakespeare

Trying hard to stop loving

Memories of what is love keep on pestering


Yet my whole being is tainted

Ashamed to be recognised

Then I am not ready

To be seen for who I am


~Mntazi Mtsweni~








After a long day, Pearl decided it is time to rest. She took a long bath and thought about her life in general. While in deep thoughts and enjoying a bubble bath her phone rang. Without hesitation she came out of the bathtub and wiped her hands with a towel and reached for her cellphone that was on the toilet seat. Hello she said……”can I come over please, I’m five minutes away from your house”? OH okay I’ll be waiting, Pearl confirmed. Her body was still wet, she wrapped a towel all over her body and went straight to her bedroom. She applied her Bulgari Femme scented lotion and quickly changed into something casual. A knock on the door, that’s what she heard ……ooooops my guest is here. She wore her sleepers and went to the living area and opened the door…please come in (their eyes met like an electric shock).Her guest walked inside the house following her from behind. Even a five year old could see that the two were not just friends, even if they were one could tell by the way they looked at each other that there are some unresolved feelings between them. Anything to drink? Pearl asks as her guest was sitting down on the couch. “Yes please, a glass of water would do”. So tell me how have you been? Pearl trying to break the awkward silence.

“Oh well life has been happening as it always does and you”? I’m not complaining either, life is life as we all know it, and Pearl extended a glass full of tap water. “Oh… thank you, with ice please, where is my head at”? And sighed deeply. Pearl took the glass back and filled it with ice cubes …maybe you are exhausted as I am, they both smiled. Here you go, her guest enjoyed watching Pearl moving up and down and answered “thank you and yes it has been a long day indeed” she took a sip seductively as those TV stars trying to calm their feelings of desire down. In the eyes of the guest Pearl has no clothes on and like a tiger could tear her flesh apart. Everything that is happening in the living room is the opposite in the mind of the guest who is taking small sips after sips as if the water is hot. Pearl took a remote from the coffee table and switched on the television. As she put the remote down and sat comfortable on the couch, a scene of a couple having a steamy session appears on the screen .The guest slowly stood up and sat next to Pearl, She opened her mouth and the guest closed it with a finger before she could utter any word. Surprisingly as this was to both of them none could say anything but just look deep in each other’s’ eyes, the force of attraction was taking its course. The guest couldn’t control the emotions evoked and decided to wet lips and gently pressed them against Pearls’. Then shivers went through her spine and the skin started to contract. As this all is happening, Pearl is trying to fathom the reaction of her body to such incident and with all her heart wants to pull back or push away the guest but the feeling is overwhelming. She relaxes her body as the guest touches her skin in a caressing manner. The skin develops goose pimples, you could swear that she was walking on the streets of North Pole on a snowing day without a coat. The guest pulls out to grasp for air and goes back at it as the situation intensify.

The exchange of passionate kisses between the two continues as the flowing river. Pearls reveals the tiger in her and let go of all the restraint in her. Whom is on the bottom becomes on the top and whom is on top becomes on the bottom, it’s a roller-coaster. The guest pulls down Pearl’s underwear and caresses her body from head to toe, slowly paying attention to each vital organ: the nipples, neck and her navel. Stopping in-between as she watches her moan and groan. Pearl’s knees are now shaking paving a way for the guests ‘head to go between her thighs. One lick on the labia to test her juices and her body vibrates simultaneously with the door knock. A voice: Pearl…..open the door! (It’s her mom)…………..


We might take these two factors for granted but they play a big role in our lives. The things that we do in our daily lives are affected by the two. An example would be the marathon, we participate in a race giving it our all but the fact remains that time is not in our side. The limitations on the rail or unseen events that obstruct you to get to the finishing line is fate. Its complex I know but life in general is more byzantine. We have runners who have trained and worked very hard for couple of months or years but the one who is going to reach the finishing line first is favored by time and fate. Otherwise how can we explain the possibilities of other runners not reaching the finish line at the same time, because they did all what is needed to get there? Fate and time robed them, it played them like a game of chess (check mate). Where I’m going with this? I’m sure many of you ask yourself this question. I’m going to try to be precise as possible, we going back to the laws of physics – cause and effect. You do something hoping to achieve something but it doesn’t always happen the desired way because there are many forces involved. That chooses the end results for us, then why the deception in the first place. Why energy and effort must be wasted if we not going to get the desired outcome?



I am recovering ego artist

That was crushed by the other

Now I can’t stand up and see beyond the wall

My vision is now blurred, I can’t focus when my eyes are wet

My self-esteem is pushed down every time I try to get up

My heart has given up on longing for freedom

My neck can’t support my head high because of strangulation

The Chains on my feet make noise, I can’t run far

Every time I try to move, the click click sound alerts the guard

I’m trapped in a body of a dying ego

Worthless is what I see when I look in the mirror

I’m naked! All my clothes were cut by a pair of scissors


~Mntazi Mtsweni~