I got tripped along the lane

Few seconds from the finishing line

The world crushed in front of me

All my efforts revolved into pieces


The dust in front of me blurred my vision

My competitors degraded my reason

Failing to validate my reason

Claiming it was my season


Crumbling, holding heart in my hand

In need for a heart surgeon’s hand

Got stitched and my life was saved

‘Never run again”, it was said


Couch potato became my nickname

Like cancer, it grew slowly from the inside

Spreading on my veins, turning them numb

Lost the ability to sense my heart rate


Fearless of the guards, it came out

Like the staring, it endured through out

The sky had to surrender and disarm

The drops into the harshness of the earth




My time has passed and there’s no turning back

The tick tick sounds don’t change  to back back sound

Days are passing and  the wristwatch remains the same

The watch is getting worn out but time continues

It does not stop counting ,judging by your mood

It rotates like the earth not minding what is happing around!



Lost it and everything went black

Raised my hopes up and got rejected

My capabilities tested but the results were futile

Took deep breaths to allow the air to pass through my chest cavity

Chest so tight letting go of all hope

Wasted time and energy never regained

The nauseating watery mucus flowing into my lips


I’m not disgusting, I just lost!


Lost the key that can open many doors

Lost the value of my rationality

The veins on my forehead pumping hard

Making my eyes very red

Just because I had lost

Not just loss but demeaned

Reminded that it will not rain.