You are not obliged really

It should come naturally

It’s not supposed to be a chore

Rather something to live for


Circumstances should not be a problem

Displacements can never matter

There’s no manual really

It happens on its own


Most of the time effortlessly

Expectations will always hurt

Damaged will be your heart

And miss out on the beauty

Of loving another unconditionally


missing you

Of course you have a hold over me

Everything in my life is on pause

I’m on a hunger strike

Even my coffee is without sugar

My pencil is not sharpened

My teeth are not brushed

Waiting to hear the vibrating sound on my phone

Accompanied by the voice of the adored

I dream of a kindly knock on the door

With the sweet voice like a doll

Only if wishes come true

I would be content

And hold on to a dream

Hope that all will be done

In the name of my adoration

For the forbidden fruit







Reached the destination

With no garden

My soul so dry I need to satisfy my thirst

Nothing seems to be growing in this desert

Ploughing and hoping for raindrops

When it rains it flushes my seeds

I’m too weak to move to another place

I’m too tired to wash my face

I appear as the ignorant punk

My sweat turns into manure

That kills everything because it’s too salty

My skin is wrinkled because of harsh sun rays

That I kneel hoping for a cure lotion.



I refuse to compete for your affection

I’d rather find refuge in my destination

I will be not desperate but single

I will walk the streets with dignity


My heart is working overtime for you

My pride does not recognize you

My eyes will forever see you

My mind will always be aware


I won’t deny the facts

I won’t pretend you don’t exists

My soul is attached to yours

My serenity will be intact



I will love you Goddess of Africa

Until my soul disappear into air

The whiteness of my teeth will be seen by your roots

The coarseness of my hair will be cherished by you


Oh, I yell you the mother of my heart!


The pompous effect you have on me

The jubilant feeling you bring to my being

The resurrected heart- beat that wakes the neighbors

The patience you have when you are in labour


I prefer you the opus of my canvas!


My lingering wishes painted in pink

With the absorbance of peace

That keeps my heart on its toes

That relents me to destroy my toys


I will hold on to you with my claws!


In the process hope you don’t bleed

I would never wish to see your cheeks wet

The tears will not look good on you

That it will tarnish your appearance


Verses can certainly not do you uprightness!



No! It is no okay

To feel this pain

To feel this helpless

To be so moody

It is really not okay

To carry so much with my shoulders

For my heart to be this heavy

To have to pretend that I’m not breaking

For stopping tears not to fall on my cheeks

NO! It is not okay

To wipe falling waters on my face

I want them to dry up on their own

I want to scream my lungs out in agony

I want to question the face of the earth

It will never be okay!

To please my ego because I don’t want the world to laugh

To please my family because they are all I have

To conform to conventional norms because it is my culture

To continue pretending to be strong for others

It can never be okay to live like this!