im in love

You let me in your mind, my soul was reborn

Your infectious laugh got me insane

Your persistence made me fight harder

You have lived your purpose, my soul is awakened


I never thought I would witness love

I see it every day in your eyes

I get lost in your soul, I’m presumed crazy

I sleep doubting at night and wake up with hope


I’m nothing to the viewers and listeners

I’m an antidote to your miseries

I’m a dreamer who wish to love you

I’m striving to be worthy of you


You are a mountain, you can’t be shaken

When they demolish you it will be the end of me

Willingly I would want to disappear with you

Not giving chancers to erase your memory


Feeling confident you are not of this world

Trying to describe you in words gets you tainted

Kissing in mind is out of this world

Smiling in the earth will be painted




You are not obliged really

It should come naturally

It’s not supposed to be a chore

Rather something to live for


Circumstances should not be a problem

Displacements can never matter

There’s no manual really

It happens on its own


Most of the time effortlessly

Expectations will always hurt

Damaged will be your heart

And miss out on the beauty

Of loving another unconditionally



I will love you Goddess of Africa

Until my soul disappear into air

The whiteness of my teeth will be seen by your roots

The coarseness of my hair will be cherished by you


Oh, I yell you the mother of my heart!


The pompous effect you have on me

The jubilant feeling you bring to my being

The resurrected heart- beat that wakes the neighbors

The patience you have when you are in labour


I prefer you the opus of my canvas!


My lingering wishes painted in pink

With the absorbance of peace

That keeps my heart on its toes

That relents me to destroy my toys


I will hold on to you with my claws!


In the process hope you don’t bleed

I would never wish to see your cheeks wet

The tears will not look good on you

That it will tarnish your appearance


Verses can certainly not do you uprightness!