I lie awake at night

Like a hawk it is watching me

Just when I’m about to sleep

It makes the annoying sounds

My mind has overworked trying to figure it out

Not even science can explain it

I’m afraid to talk about it again


Because they did not hear it

They will not understand it

They will think I’m losing it

They will think I need psychiatric evaluation

While the universe is opening up to me

The earth is opening my ears

To hear the mysteries of the night

To dream of the agonizing

To endure the pain it inflicts on my soul

To understand that the night is meant to be serene

To just wait until I fall asleep

Then I can’t hear it no more

Then I wake up as if nothing happened

I put a smile on my face and say

I slept well.


2 thoughts on “IRRELEVANT

  1. That’s the devil sis he’s torturing you and testing the power of God…strengthen your relationship with God and I promise you he’ll know his place.


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