Staring at the light bulb before I sleep

More confirmation that a small thing can make a difference

I see my keyboard and computer screen

I look up in the ceiling and see pure white

I look around I see all the furniture

I look thoroughly in the air I see mosquitos

Then I switch off the light bulb

And my vision is blurred

Then it clicks in my mind

I switched it on again

And it is clear

A light bulb, a small thing

Lights the room at night

It is so small I can hold it with my hand

The realization of what I’m holding in my hand

I’m holding it with my hand

The answer to my misfortunes

The torch to avoid obstacles as I walk

In the road called life

As small as it is, not a compass!

But a resilient sign

The birth of possibilities in my hand

Paving the road to my destination

Looking at it for a long time

My eyes gets tired

The light is blinding me

When I look around me everything is clear

The life of many possibilities

Such a small thing opening my prophecies

Whole being to react differently

Amazing how such a small thing holds

I see hope

I see targets

I see success

Light bulb yet you are fragile

One mistake I can destroy you

Shatter in pieces and turn into dangerous weapons

That will make me bleed

You are optimistic yet you can be fateful




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