We might take these two factors for granted but they play a big role in our lives. The things that we do in our daily lives are affected by the two. An example would be the marathon, we participate in a race giving it our all but the fact remains that time is not in our side. The limitations on the rail or unseen events that obstruct you to get to the finishing line is fate. Its complex I know but life in general is more byzantine. We have runners who have trained and worked very hard for couple of months or years but the one who is going to reach the finishing line first is favored by time and fate. Otherwise how can we explain the possibilities of other runners not reaching the finish line at the same time, because they did all what is needed to get there? Fate and time robed them, it played them like a game of chess (check mate). Where I’m going with this? I’m sure many of you ask yourself this question. I’m going to try to be precise as possible, we going back to the laws of physics – cause and effect. You do something hoping to achieve something but it doesn’t always happen the desired way because there are many forces involved. That chooses the end results for us, then why the deception in the first place. Why energy and effort must be wasted if we not going to get the desired outcome?


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