One a Thursday afternoon I woke up to a realization that my life has been polluted. I was hit when I least expected it and I couldn’t protect my wound. Right on top of the healing scar a finger was pressed hard to allow the blood to come out. The pain went through my hypothalamus to my sensory neuron and finally a blunt nail went into my heart. Now that the eye has seen it all unfold, it alerted my mind and my mind could not keep it, terrified of the deception decided to pass it on to the heart. The heart also could not keep it alone it was agonizing, it felt so trapped that it had to share with the eyes to release some of the pain to the chicks .The chicks could not afford to have chinks as the frontage but had to let those tears flow to the pillow because at least the cotton inside the pillow can drink the tears until they dry out from the eyes. My body is getting dehydrated, the evidence is on my skin texture. The internal bleeding that is happening in my chest is affecting my vision, my internal organs are getting diseased. I feel that the air I’m inhaling every second is doing more damage to my liver than a cigarette. The vitamins and proteins from the food I eat seems to be not absorbed by the body. My body is deficient and quickly turning into a carcass while I’m still breathing. My mind is the only thing that has coincidental persistence because when it all occurred, the impulse to pass it on forward before the harm can be done became worthy. The thing is, the damage was created somewhere else which again affects the whole body. The image of me I had envisioned has been crinkled. The insincerity of life has again proved to me that we are in a jungle and the confirmation that really it is about the survival of the fittest.


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