For the past 29 years I have been living a life that was designed for me by other people. With no offense intended to anyone, I have grown tired of pleasing other people than my soul. The realization that no matter how much good you do at some point you are going to get burnt. Then you start asking yourself rhetorical questions that no one can answer. The closest answer you can get is a spit on the face ….that is how life is. So if I’m following all the rules that are set by the society, why do I get burnt? I thought having sets of rules leads one to a certain satisfaction. I’m sorry but I was wrong to even think that. When were are born we are equipped with innate abilities, cognitive and internal organs. Of course as a child you are bound to be fed so that your mind and body can develop to its full capacity. What worries me is the fact that there are instances in the society that prohibits the mind of a fully developed body to make decisions that are inclined with what seems better for that body at the time. We are so much enslaved that before we do things we think about what other people will say. Aren’t they having their own lives to worry about than focusing on others? Now I’m going to be flying above insubstantial territories that tends to throw around the word “taboo” if something does not happen according to their rules. Culture and religion has the notion to dictate how one should live and be condemned if not following those rules. When will it end because it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that we all go through hardships and happiness on this earth. Regardless of religion and culture, we are all going to leave this earth at some point. It is just the matter of fate. Then why should we act as if others are eternal, we all bleed when we are stabbed. Why is it not fair to allow every being to live life as they see fit without imposing rules that we all know that don’t guarantee a better or eternal life. When enlightenment was discovered in the early 1500 people were released from the chains of captivity. Yet in the 21st century we still face issues whereby people fail to use their reasoning capabilities all in the name of culture and religion. To what extent as human beings are we willing to control others on how they should live their lives? I have never seen a living organism such as a butterfly. It flies wherever it sees fits and run from danger when it sees it but cannot cheat fate, which is death. Yet human beings are trapped or rather say enslaved by other debatable beliefs which prohibits them to live life to the fullest. We forgetting that all the rules we live by were created by someone at the certain era. As life is evolving why can’t we move away from the living that suited particular people at that time and move with the times? Or rather concentrate on what is happening around us and live according to how we see fit to benefit ourselves. Why the repression of capable minds, why the dictation of how one should live. If we say we are free beings then why are we allowing sets of rules to forbid us from flying to our own capabilities? If fate decides otherwise so be it, other than trying to conform to certain regulations that leads one to not have a gratifying life. It will end nonetheless, maybe it would be pleasing when the fate decides to attack, realizing that one has fulfilled his/her purpose on earth without any hindrances. Just to fly freely like birds and butterflies when enjoying their existence on earth.




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