Taking deep breaths trying to ease the feeling, I have no choice because it is throbbing my heart. My throat is getting dry wishing to be quenched. My eyes are ready to let those waters flows. For what reason? I also don’t know. Maybe my soul is troubled in such an extent that the body does whatever it is necessary to relieve itself from any harmful infections. Have I been thinking too much lately? The answer is MAYBE! I have learned long time ago to let go. If the life decides to give me lemons I will for sure turn them into lemonade. So now it is the troubling sensation on all over  my body that wants to just explode. If I was not in a group of people I would burst into tears. The thought alone makes me to remember people I have never met. Am I hallucinating? Well it also beats me because I never invited the feeling. It just came rushing through the door in a split second. Did I allow it to come through….hell no, I guess my body has so many holes that I forgot to close one. That’s the only explanation I can come up with at the moment. I know that as for the holes in my soul they are all closed, maybe one of them was not sealed properly hence I am invaded. The thought alone can make one loose his mind, because when it comes  to it your mind travel to reality. The reality is that no one knows, only you can experience and feel it .Funny enough, coming back to the real world we face many hindrances and we begin to dwell on self-awareness. Then all goes into vain because we pay attention to little things that we did not have when traveling to reality. We obstruct ourselves of the greatness, everlasting happiness and fulfilling desires…………


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