I opened up my chest and took my heart out so that I can give it to you. Considering how much you needed it I had to, just to put your mind at peace.Yet you still on the fence!After you’ve held it in your hands and saw it beating. The way you were imagining things before all of this happened I had to be the bigger person and cut all the possibilities of you scheduling an appointment with a psychiatrist, yeah you were losing it. I had to sacrifice my heart to save you. They say there’s nothing for free in this world, you have to sacrifice something to get what you want.I did all that and still I don’t exist let alone in your eyes. I might have wanted to exist somewhere it matters the most, where I would connect with your soul without disturbance. That is all I had hoped for because it is my purpose for living. I see no point in walking a mile If I get not to rest in that place.You seem to be not paying attention that you are walking away with someone else’s organ hence the blood is dripping next to your footsteps. Blood, water,sand and weed are all the same to you. Can you atleast acknowledge that there is a reason why I cannot survive without you.Clearly what you carrying is not yours,how do expect me to go on my own without it?I can never do it without you because my chest has a hole on the left hand side. The cold winds are not helping at all. My body is fighting to survive, not allowing my brain to freeze. The attackers have seen the hole, they have found a way to get to my mind.Still you are nowhere to be found with my pumping organ. I know you will come back to chase the attackers away but you don’t realise that while they are here, they also take a little bit of my soul with them.If you knew you would not walk away with the blood supplier without making sure that every organ is functioning well and is strong enough to fight infections. Without expecting an answer I have to ask……… Do you really have to distance yourself while carrying a living organ in your hands? What is it that I have to do to make you stay? To be the doorman of the hole I have opened. If you want my legs or hands, you can also have them as long as you will be the doorman of the left hand side of my chest.You have the power to decide who is eligible to get in and out. For all I care you can hold the interviews by the door, finding out what their business is.Whether my soul is aware of their arrival or not.Is it too much to ask, to have you nearby,was I selfish to have given you the gift that requires you to be responsible? I thought you would be delighted to have been trusted with such a delicate organ.You have it beating in your hands but you don’t want to move next to the door.If I suspect you making movements, it is only one foot moving not two. What is it that will have you to stretch your legs apart like that?When you have the space to stand on.You are willing to tiptoe than to come take your position. Maybe I have entrusted you with responsibilities that are beyond your capabilities. I really understand that it is not a free sail when wondering around carrying someone else’s matter of life.What I request is for you to make up your mind. You have everything you need to calculate the outcome.What you are holding has seeds of the fruit that can only be planted in the farm of Eden.


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