The city of Johannesburg is so beautiful when looking at it from the window. At night it is more beautiful because you get to see all the combinations of lights that make the rainbow. Be it the street lights, robots and the glowing lights coming from the tall buildings, still make the city look magical. The problem starts to a point where you are standing, are you getting enough light for physical and emotional development? That is a very rhetorical question isn’t it? On the other side the view alone is breath taking and one cannot understand the beauty it brings on earth. It makes one to forget about the daily activities and just bury one’s soul into the amazing portrait. For the beauty it has at night you would expect harmony. We resting our bodies after a long day but there’s that restlessness that keeps nagging, the sound of cars passing in the streets. While others are sleeping others are working… is the city of gold after all. The noise is irritating that it reminds you of the chaotic daily activities, people walking in the streets going to work and others selling stuff to make ends meet in the road. There is no rest in the city of Johannesburg, the mind and soul can never be at ease. The badgering sounds keeps on reminding people that there are people who are working at night, still searching for that gold. I fear that it would be stripped of all its worth because the hustling never stops. Sometimes it makes me to long for the peaceful night achievable in my home town. Where if you hear sounds at night it would be trees moving and communicating with the sky in a harmonic way. Where if you struggling to sleep it is because of the mosquitoes and the crawling insects of the night. The soul searches for such peace where you can just wake up in the middle of the night and go outside just to hear the silence and breathe the peacefulness that home earth brings.


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