So you decided to play with my feelings? Why on earth would you do that, am I not human enough for you or you just like playing games? If it was a game to you why did you not inform me before so that I could play along? It’s simple, we call it common decency to be fair sometime. My heart is now in pain, yes it is beating slowly and it can stop anytime soon. All the memories you planted in my mind they have grown into my heart. I have lost control of sanity. Did you have to reap my heart out from the chest like that? I think you could have given me a warning but then you were playing me. How gullible of me to have believed that you loved me. One minute we were happily in love and the next minute you have disappeared into thin air. It hurts because it was not by fate but you choose to let it all go. Then the audacity to call me and ask if I’m okay, of course I’m not okay! How can I be if my heart is in chains? My mind and heart fight every day because they can’t agree when it comes to the matters of love. Then again you think it’s acceptable to call me just to tell me that you miss me, What do you miss exactly?……. Oh I know, you miss to torture my heart by infiltrating my mind with your lies. Evoking the feelings that are buried since you long left the spear stuck in my heart. Still today I can never understand how easy it was for you to cross the bridge. The sexual tension was thunder lighting and the intimacy was out of this world. Yet you still left without a reason, yes I can never recover because the spear left small pieces in my heart. What’s sad is that doctors can’t operate on me because I’m damaged goods, YEAH DON’T CONTACT ME AGAIN!


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