As much as we are all affected by societal norms and religious beliefs we tend to move away from the true meaning of life. We now put blocks or we obstruct love because we conform to norms but at the same time while moving from the true meaning of life. When love strikes it hits harder, even after two minutes of meeting someone. When love falls it falls hard but then how do we move away from tick boxes that we always have as humans .I have realised that most of us we tend to say I can’t date such and such person because of  how they appear to look or when you’ve met that person and realised his way of  doing things. It’s like we want love to go together with compatibilities. We conform too much that we deny ourselves the ability to experience the purest form of love without any influences. We tend to focus on our own selfish desires and somehow we block what we should be experiencing. Others might argue that it is not about being selfish but protecting our hearts. Who said our hearts should be protected from love. I have grown to realise that love is a feeling. We fall in love with the intellectual being, again with the physic of a person, the list is endless. Really, it doesn’t matter why you fall in love, it can honestly be anything that makes one to fall for someone. The big question is that can your love for someone else endure? Can it stay strong after the storm has vandalized the issues of trust? Can the heart be willing to forgive the negligent and start over? That is when we talk about true love. As William Shakespeare had outlined that “It is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken;” People might judge you without taking into account on the matters of the heart and understanding the underling feeling.


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