When we are born our parents celebrate the gift of life. Surprisingly enough most don’t even think about the cruelty of the world, whether the child will face difficulties, struggle, and failures. The reality is that things happen and sometimes there’s no reason. It’s about being at the right place in the wrong time. The universe deals the cards and voila you are now faced with the harsh reality of life. Others survive the storm or crash others don’t and we should not hold anyone accountable. I say this because we are not made the same way and we deal with obstacles differently. That is why you find that one gets a heart attack while the other one doesn’t, even if they went through the same situation. It is not about the weakness or bravery. Well I would like to think it is about the fragility of the heart, which is when the others decides to let go because the heart can’t take it no more. We all know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Now the question lies to how strong be your heart, can it hold on until you see the light? Once the heart stop pumping blood even if you wish to see the light out the tunnel, you just let go. The pain is unexplainable, the strength to carry your body is deescalating. Especially when there’s no enough oxygen inside the tunnel or worse the road is very bumpy and with the little strength that you have you choose to spend it wisely, in other words letting go and find peace with the situation you are in. There’s nothing wrong with that because the pain of a wound can only be felt by the person who has the wound. What I’m trying to say is that we were not all born to be soldiers. Other people fight and admit defeat and they don’t stress themselves about things they can’t change. Everyone who lives in this world has a right to make a choice about his/ her own life. I know I’m deviating from many inspirational authors who advocates fighting until you die. I’m not saying that they are wrong but simply stating that other people don’t want to fight. It is within their right to decide if they want to fight or not and it’s okay because it is their life after all. Not everyone survive the darkness of the tunnel, same as soldiers, others die in the battle and other come back with broken limbs. So if people don’t want to come out of the tunnel with deformity, we should learn to accept their choices. They know what is outside the tunnel and they should also decide if they want it with deformity or not. Someone once said “the most important things in the world cannot be seen or touched but can be felt with the heart”. I think it is high time we let peoples’ hearts decide. For they know what is important to them!


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