My soul veil, the self-righteous sees it

So filthy but they cannot remove it

My nails so long turning into claws

Clinging on the evil, so they say

My medulla oblongata so useless

I can not use it for myself

Is it necessary to be so blatant?

Oh self-righteous

Take a breather

Who called them for my examination?

Which exams qualified them as judges?

Thinking out loud as I cross the brigdes

Looking at the rivers without contaminations

My eardrums struck by the echo of the voice

Failing to polish the word of choice

Why why why?

Oh self-righteous

Bother with my soul

We walk on different paths, please accept it

My ways reach my destination, accept it

You looking at my direction, I don’t like it

What if you trip on your face? I won’t like it

Why why why?

The need to to interfere

Oh self-righteous

Please! Stop.









im in love

You let me in your mind, my soul was reborn

Your infectious laugh got me insane

Your persistence made me fight harder

You have lived your purpose, my soul is awakened


I never thought I would witness love

I see it every day in your eyes

I get lost in your soul, I’m presumed crazy

I sleep doubting at night and wake up with hope


I’m nothing to the viewers and listeners

I’m an antidote to your miseries

I’m a dreamer who wish to love you

I’m striving to be worthy of you


You are a mountain, you can’t be shaken

When they demolish you it will be the end of me

Willingly I would want to disappear with you

Not giving chancers to erase your memory


Feeling confident you are not of this world

Trying to describe you in words gets you tainted

Kissing in mind is out of this world

Smiling in the earth will be painted



I got tripped along the lane

Few seconds from the finishing line

The world crushed in front of me

All my efforts revolved into pieces


The dust in front of me blurred my vision

My competitors degraded my reason

Failing to validate my reason

Claiming it was my season


Crumbling, holding heart in my hand

In need for a heart surgeon’s hand

Got stitched and my life was saved

‘Never run again”, it was said


Couch potato became my nickname

Like cancer, it grew slowly from the inside

Spreading on my veins, turning them numb

Lost the ability to sense my heart rate


Fearless of the guards, it came out

Like the staring, it endured through out

The sky had to surrender and disarm

The drops into the harshness of the earth



Any kind of loving I would give

For my hands to hold on to the grip

Softening it until willing to give

What is supposed to be mine alone

And worship the chance to come along


Evenly in your eyes I drown

Hoping to get lost until dawn

Wishing to come across the jewel

That was left by the king of Jews


Sanity should not be expected

Sanctuary would definitely be delivered

Intentions will not be questioned

They will be the cause of destruction


I would find a way to change the compass

Make it work to suit your moody days

Travel with the echoes of sound waves

Forgetting the troubles of the worlds

My dignity would be sold for a penny

For the satisfactory of your smile in needy


Then I would be the richest human on earth

Perpetuity would be singing on my ear



My thoughts are impounded

My wrists are drained

My eyes are weary

My bones are weedy


Lungs inhaling the toxic carbon emission

With the heartbeat weak it can collapse

Dreams shuttered in pieces, I can’t recollect

Hair so dry that the scalp is cracking


Mother Nature continue to inflict my mind

With all the gilt and diamond it poses

Wishful thinking that all will be mine

Only if I hold on and keep on breathing


Cracks on my feet won’t take it anymore

Shoe laces worn out long ago

Dragging my feet forward either way

Eye focusing on the finishing line.










At 23 hours I get heart palpitations!

In that moment it clicks, I have expectations

Your oxygen to my bloodstream is toxic

That when conversing I have to change topic


Tendencies of stalking invading my mind walls

Troubling my ego that I need to change my ways

I have to salute you for your esteemed presence

Because in your silence I lose common sense


You walk the dirty streets holding my heart in your hand

Leaving me behind to bleed to death

Returning it right before my last breath

Acting the hero that feeds my soul with your hand


Your attention races my heartbeat I pass out

I’m in a race hoping to win but I want out

Waited for you to return my text until I black-out

You sucked life out of me, I dried out


I, then realized that I’m suffocating

I had to restrain from entertaining



You are not obliged really

It should come naturally

It’s not supposed to be a chore

Rather something to live for


Circumstances should not be a problem

Displacements can never matter

There’s no manual really

It happens on its own


Most of the time effortlessly

Expectations will always hurt

Damaged will be your heart

And miss out on the beauty

Of loving another unconditionally


missing you

Of course you have a hold over me

Everything in my life is on pause

I’m on a hunger strike

Even my coffee is without sugar

My pencil is not sharpened

My teeth are not brushed

Waiting to hear the vibrating sound on my phone

Accompanied by the voice of the adored

I dream of a kindly knock on the door

With the sweet voice like a doll

Only if wishes come true

I would be content

And hold on to a dream

Hope that all will be done

In the name of my adoration

For the forbidden fruit







Reached the destination

With no garden

My soul so dry I need to satisfy my thirst

Nothing seems to be growing in this desert

Ploughing and hoping for raindrops

When it rains it flushes my seeds

I’m too weak to move to another place

I’m too tired to wash my face

I appear as the ignorant punk

My sweat turns into manure

That kills everything because it’s too salty

My skin is wrinkled because of harsh sun rays

That I kneel hoping for a cure lotion.